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Every direction I turn, there are people who feel too busy, too tired, and too stretched.

They may have huge visions for what they want to do with their businesses, for their families, in their communities, or even globally – but they can end up running themselves into the ground in the process.

Throughout my time in business, both in the real and online worlds, I’ve seen – and experienced – a thing or two. The opportunities are endless and the rewards can be wonderful. Technology opens up so many opportunities for us. But it’s also easy to get distracted, sidetracked and overwhelmed.

If this sounds like you, I’d love to help.

I truly believe we give ourselves the best chance of achieving our dreams when we shift our mindset and focus to make the very best use of our time and energy.


When we take control of our time, something wonderful happens. A to-do list as long as a novel becomes manageable once you realise that some of it isn’t really important. A project which seemed impossible is completed with great satisfaction, and you can savour all that you created. Your mood improves, you sleep more soundly and your time with your loved ones is treasured – because you can allow yourself to relax into enjoying it.

None of this happens by accident. We’re constantly being pulled in a multitude of directions.

And that’s why I’m focusing MY time and attention on helping YOU take back your time.

What do I know about this?

I’ve been in business for many years – more than 20 years in clinical psychology (mostly self-employed) and also running my own business, Nibl, for 3 years (all about inspiring families to create delicious plant-based food which doesn’t break the bank).

I have a lifetime of following through on business ideas and a love of helping others to do the same.

I get very excited by inspiring, coaching and supporting people to live their best possible lives, and seeing people gain huge traction when they take actions every day to make their dreams come true.

I’ve helped thousands of people to improve their lives, one step or bite at a time.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing people move from flustered to flourishing, overwhelmed to organised, and exhausted to energised!

Need help now?

There’s literally no time like the present!

Are you ready to smash through your time-wasting, procrastination and overwhelm right now?

Sign up for a DYNAMITE COACHING SESSION with me.

Sound Bites About Me
Photo by Hannah McKenzie
Photo by Hannah McKenzie

Sometimes I really am an efficiency queen and sometimes I'm not. When it comes to the really important stuff I can fly like the wind. But anyone who's waited for me to respond to a forgotten text or return a borrowed book will tell you I can take my own sweet time about things. And that's ok - we don't have to be one thing all of the time. (So calling myself Efficiency Queen on social media is a little tongue-in-cheek...and a little serious too.)

I really can juggle – it was an optional class at my high school.

I’ve never had just one job at a time. Can’t do it, probably never will.

Once I was walking the dog and thinking about how we needed a new car, then came home to receive a phone call telling me I’d won the exact same car I’d been thinking about. True story.

I’m obsessed with waterfalls. If you catch me live on Facebook with my “waterfalls of the world” tour, you won’t be able to hear a word I say. Waterfalls are noisy.

If I need cheering up, I watch back-to-back episodes of Schitt’s Creek. Cracks me up, every time.

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