Is efficiency coaching simply time management strategies?

No! You probably already know some of those strategies, and whether or not they ring true for you. This is NOT about telling you to apply generic techniques and expecting those techniques to bring about miraculous change.

This is you and I working together to understand your own unique productivity patterns, habits, obstacles and challenges. Together we will create a personalised plan to so that you can engage in meaningful work, while taking care of yourself and your loved ones in the process.

Every person’s experience of efficiency coaching is different and the work we do together is tailored to exactly what you need.

Is this clinical psychology?

No. While I am a clinical psychologist, and have more than two decades of experience in helping people through that modality, efficiency coaching is separate from this. Coaching is not a substitute for counselling, therapy or personalised health care. Efficiency coaching is designed to facilitate the development of personal, professional or business goals, and to help you develop and carry out plans to achieve those goals.

If you need clinical psychology input rather than coaching, you can contact me here.

Do I have to be in Dunedin/New Zealand to work with Nicola?

I am based in Dunedin but work with clients and organisations all around the world.

Coaching sessions take place via Skype or Zoom. I am also available to travel, so VIP in-person days, workshops and speaking engagements can be arranged at your location.