Let’s shine a light on how you can make the most
of your time and energy -
so you can live the life you crave
You may be here because you’re tired...
  • Tired of running yourself ragged
  • Tired of trying to make progress with an impossible to-do list
  • Tired of juggling home and work and your health and time with your loved ones
  • Tired of collapsing onto the couch at the end of the week and wondering whether you achieved anything truly important
You’re not alone

We have so many choices to make each day about how we spend our time and where we place our attention. It’s easy to feel forever on the back foot, responding to other people’s needs and requests, struggling to keep afloat financially, and not making meaningful progress towards your ultimate vision for life.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

That’s exactly what I’d love to help you with. We’ll clarify what really lights you up and how you’d love your life to be.

I’ll help you understand your own patterns of productivity, as well as mindset blocks which are getting in your way. I'll give you lots of sound research and experience-based techniques to help manage your focus, time and energy, so you can quit just surviving and start thriving!

Who could benefit from efficiency coaching?

Efficiency coaching is for anyone who believes that there has to be more to life than feeling overstretched, burnt out and exhausted.

Whether you’re a professional, a creative, a business-owner or an entrepreneur, efficiency coaching can help.

Efficiency coaching works:
  • if you find yourself squandering time on meaningless distractions, but can’t seem to stop
  • if you know you have big plans, ideas and dreams for what you want to do with your life, but you can’t turn those into reality
  • if you’re at a point of transition, and you’re wondering how to effectively make decisions about where to next

Efficiency coaching is not likely to help if you simply want to be told what to do. Instead, this is a collaborative process where we’ll work together to recognise your stumbling blocks and identify ways around them.

Once we’ve clarified what you most want to achieve, we’ll discuss resources and knowledge which can fast-track you to success. But you’ll need to be prepared to try experiments to see what works for you, and ultimately you’ll need to DO the actual work. (I can’t do that bit for you!).

If you want to know how efficiency coaching can bring ease and flow to your life, and are ready to make changes to challenge old habits and patterns – this is for you.

How does it work?

Efficiency coaching starts with helping you to identify your vision for your future, so that we know exactly what you’re aiming for. We get clear on what you don’t want, as well as what you DO want.

It’s about helping you figure out what needs to happen now – today, this week, and this month – so that you’re making real, tangible progress towards living the life you dream of.

It’s also about helping you understand how you focus best, understanding what drains and distracts you.

Together we’ll create a roadmap to get you completing the things which matter most, knowing what to graciously say “no” to, and then working in ways which bring ease, flow and joy to your day.

Efficiency Coaching helps you to drop the struggle and overwork – so you can spend less time on work, reach your goals faster, make more money, and free up your time to spend on everyone and everything that you love!

Why choose Nicola as your coach?

I get very excited by teaching, coaching and inspiring people to live their best possible lives, and seeing people gain huge traction when they take actions every day to make their dreams come true.

I’ve helped thousands of people to improve their lives, one step or bite at a time.

I love to talk with people. I particularly love to share inspiration, and wisdom, and connect people with information that can truly make a difference to them.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing people move from flustered to flourishing, overwhelmed to organised, and exhausted to energised.

And I’m super-passionate about helping smart, ambitious people to capitalise on their time and maximise their energy, so that you can SUCCEED in business and THRIVE in life.

I work with amazing people with big dreams (actually little dreams are important too), to help make them come true.

So if you’d love to feel more organised, effective, confident, successful and energised….let’s see what magic we can create together!


What is it?

The Effortless Efficiency Package is for you if you want to create powerful, lasting change in terms of learning how to fully maximise your time and capitalise on your energy, so that you can succeed in business and thrive in life. This is for people who want to overcome the habits and patterns which are jeopardising their success – once and for all.

How does this work?

You’ll receive a questionnaire to complete before we meet, to help me understand what you’d most like assistance with, and to enable you to gain clarity about what is and isn’t working well right now in your professional life. We’ll meet online by Zoom and you’ll receive call recordings to help you capitalize on our time together. You’ll also have email access to me throughout the time we’re working together. We’ll have six coaching sessions – the first being a 75 - 90 minute deep-dive into what you’d most like help with, followed by five calls within six months (we'll negotiate the frequency). Each call will have a different theme, focusing on your vision, workflow strategies, streamlining your work/business, understanding your own energy and productivity patterns, overcoming procrastination and other obstacles, and other personalized topics to help accelerate your journey to professional success!

What’s the investment?

NZ$1499 GST incl (or three monthly payments of $519)

Interested? Please apply now to find out if Effortless Efficiency is right for you. There’s truly NO TIME like the present – let’s make the most of it!


Carla Lam

There are many ways I could try to capture Nicola’s excellence, but in summary — she combines exceptional professionalism with the warmth and personal insight of a life-long friend.

I was immediately rewarded for having trusted my instincts to contact Nicola; she engaged deeply, listening with focused intent, and her responses were correspondingly considered and precise. Nicola was an invaluable support in the life-changing processes I’m in the midst of.

Carla Lam

Winnie Duggan

Looking back over the last year, I can see such a huge change in my life and how I now choose to take control of it. Nicola has the wonderful ability to know when to make a suggestion or comment that profoundly impacts on your perspective on issues.

She is able to provide clarity and direction to one’s thinking, has great experience in a wide range of business situations and most of all, has a warmth and energy that lasts right through a session. I’ve absolutely loved and appreciated her coaching!!

Winnie Duggan
Life Celebrant, Counsellor and Supervisor


Dynamite Sessions are 75 minute Zoom or Skype calls where we delve into:
  • What you most want to achieve with a particular goal, project or transition
  • When you want X done by
  • Where you’re making progress and where you’re hitting obstacles
  • What’s holding you back from making this thing – whatever it is – happen

AND we create a clear roadmap for making that happen!


Because we can all get lost in overwhelm, and sometimes we really need some help! We can have all the best intentions, but constantly find ourselves sidetracked – focusing on all the little things, rather than the big important (daunting!) things.

Two minds are so much more powerful than one – together we can turn your procrastination into progress and your sidetracks into success.

Who is this for?

Anyone with a big task ahead of them, who wants to kick that into touch with efficiency and ease, and without running themselves into the ground.

This is for you if your book/thesis doesn’t seem to be writing itself, or...

  • you’re at a crossroads in terms of career and struggling to figure out which way to turn
  • you have a business idea/new business but can’t gain traction in the ways you long to
  • you say “yes” to too many requests and under-charge for your time (or underestimate how long things take), meaning you’re forever on the back foot
  • you’re working harder and longer than ever before, but success and satisfaction are still being sneaky and evasive
How does this work?

You sign up through this link, confirm your booking and complete a quick survey so we’re both ahead of the game on what we’re working towards in our call.

Then we have a Zoom phone call (meaning you don't have to be in Dunedin), delve into the issues you most need help with, and create a clear plan for what needs to happen to get right on track with your big goal.

We then book an accountability check-in call (roughly 15 minutes long) at a time which makes sense, depending on what you’re wanting to achieve. This is so that you know you have someone to answer to besides yourself. (Hopefully I’m not too scary, but I’ve noticed that people really don’t like getting back on a call and saying they didn’t do what we agreed on!)

What does this include?
  • A welcome questionnaire to help me get acquainted with your challenges and ambitions, and to give you an instant dose of clarity on your efficiency stumbling blocks right now
  • My notes from our call for you to refer back to
  • Email support between your Dynamite call and accountability check-in
  • A 15 minute accountability session to review your progress and trouble-shoot any obstacles which got in your way, or set a new goal if you’ve smashed the first one!
What’s the investment?

1 x 75 minute Dynamite coaching call + 1 x 15 minute accountability call

NZ$297 (GST incl)

Karen Nairn

I was keen to make time everyday for academic writing but it didn’t consistently happen so I went to Nicola Brown for a one-off efficiency coaching session.

It was great to realise that I don’t have to be rigid in order to get things done and that balancing cognitively demanding tasks (like academic writing) with non-cognitively demanding tasks (like emails) can work well. It’s great having coaching that is so personalised to your needs - I recommend Nicola’s efficiency coaching!

Karen Nairn
Otago University

Emily Socha

It has been about two months since my coaching call with Nicola and I am feeling more confident, clearer, and more efficient than ever. I now know what I need to get done, when I should be doing it, and if I happen to lose track (it happens to the best of us!) I know exactly how to reign myself back in and get back on target.

Our call felt effortless, fun, and professional and I have continued to implement the tips and tricks into my daily work life, making me more productive than I’ve ever been before. Thank you Nicola!

Emily Socha