How to Distract Your Colleagues

(Warning: this post contains song titles which may induce earworms) We spend a lot of our time working. Or perhaps I should say ‘working’. A lot of the time we spend at work is not ACTUALLY spent working – research shows that we tend to switch tasks every three minutes and once we’re off-task it Read more

Learning New Things

Here’s me, shooting the breeze with Damian from…The Breeze. Talking about why it’s important for us adults to step out of our comfort zones and try something new. I do love being introduced as “a lady who knows stuff about things” Read more

People sometimes ask me what efficiency coaching is. Which I completely understand, because I made up the term to describe what I know I’m good at helping people with. But who better to tell you what efficiency coaching is – and isn’t – than someone who’s experienced it. When Libby (the Director of a national Read more

New Year is a time when we naturally reflect on the year that’s been, and what we hope for in the time ahead. I don’t do this in any structured kind of way, and I don’t generally set new year resolutions but I do spend some time mulling over lowlights and highlights from the year Read more

Holiday Goodies

Hello there and welcome to this cray-cray season. I’m guessing that, like me, you feel like you have a million things to do. Some of those things will happen in the next few days, and some of them won’t. We will no doubt be asked, many many times between now and the 25th, if we’re Read more

Lost in Cyberspace

If I was to tell you there’s one thing you’re likely to spend 11 years of your life doing, what do you think that would be? Waiting on hold for your telecommunications provider? Standing in queues? Searching for lost things? Trying to remember your passwords? Checking emails? Now you’re getting closer…. It’s this: being on Read more

The podcast without a name

After only a year of thinking about it, talking about it and procrastinating wholeheartedly….today I recorded the first audio for my as-yet-unnamed podcast. To be honest I would have procrastinated some more, except that my wonderful mentor encouraged me to write an editorial calendar for the rest of this year. This week the calendar said Read more

Recently I went on a school ski trip. Now, I’m not a great skier and these were white-out conditions. Beautiful snow, but because of the blizzard we could barely see our knees – let alone the skis under our feet. As a general rule I can cope with not knowing what I’m doing in life Read more

So, the truth is, I’m not always an efficiency queen. Even though my new branding and site (coming soon because thankfully my designer and web guru actually ARE efficiency queens!) would suggest otherwise, anyone who has waited for me to respond to a forgotten text or proofread their work or return a book that I Read more

There’s a short version and a long version of this post. I know many of us feel like we’re swimming in a sea of info overload and I don’t want to be adding to that. I often wish someone would give me the executive summary at the start of a blogpost – so if all Read more