Nicola welcomes enquiries from groups and organisations to speak at conferences, professional development events and retreats - within Dunedin and further afield.

She is also available for media and podcast interviews.


Ditching Digital Distraction

Learn how to overcome online addiction and reliance, redefining a healthy, constructive relationship with technology, with you in charge!

Finding Focus in a Distracted World

Learn how to use research, knowledge and key insights about productivity and efficiency to minimise overwhelm and stress in your workplace - and make work satisfying again.

Amanda Burke

Nicola is a captivating speaker who manages to balance the perfect mix of information, humour and confidence. Her extensive knowledge and experience, combined with her personable nature, engages and informs the audience. She also keeps it very real - she doesn't preach but suggests practical tips that we can use to improve our efficiency whilst recognising that perhaps none of us can get it right all of the time. I highly recommend Nicola as a speaker - all of the feedback about the panel from our guests at Live Life Well was overwhelmingly positive, with many respondents wishing there had been time to hear more.

Amanda Burke

Natalie Sisson

I loved Nicola’s talk at Women Who Get Shit Done. She’s a lady after my own heart when it comes to not being a slave to your smartphone, and gives practical tips to be more productive and disciplined and ultimately to have more freedom.

Even though I consider myself proficient in this area, she really highlighted many areas where I was doing myself a disservice. Her factual insights and recommendations were a refreshing reminder to me and many others to reclaim our time and power one notification minimization at a time!

Dr Joyce Stalker

I attended a workshop run by Nicola on how to break your addiction to electronic devices. The hour-long workshop was well organised, positive and productive. Nicola briefly presented key information which stimulated an open, thoughtful discussion by the large group. With her guidance, smaller groups produced concrete strategies for dealing with their varied issues. These positive outcomes were possible because, as a moderator, Nicola was professional, and quietly created an atmosphere which was warm, supportive, creative and filled with laughter.

Dr Joyce Stalker

Marree Sylva

I met Nicola at the WWGSD (Women Who Get Shit Done) Unconference at Waihi beach in 2017. Nicola offered to take a breakout session on "how to be smarter than your smartphone". Amongst other things, I had hoped to get some information around "breaking the chains" to my ever so faithful Samsung. I had long known that I had an unhealthy relationship with my cell. From midnight emails to 6am Facebook sessions, my phone had become more and more involved in my daily routines - we would interact at least every hour of the day.

The session was absolutely amazing. Through Nicola’s session I was able to first of all acknowledge the relationship I had with my phone and then learn about practical skills to curb my unhealthy relationship with my phone. We are now almost six months out and I am happy to report that my cell phone usage has more than halved. I am able to spend more quality time with friends, family and my fiance and I have much more time to do things I enjoy. Thank you Nicola for breaking the cycle - I am pleased to report that for the first time in 10 years, I am smarter than my smartphone.

Marree Sylva
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