Rather Extrawdinary Food

I am on a bit of a buzz, having run my first public Intro to Extrawdinary Food demo last night at Taste Nature in Dunedin. This was a big deal as, while I’ve run a few of these workshops before, this was the first at this venue, and the first that was open to the public. (Also I was trialing a new format – a taste-test demo – to gauge interest. I think it works!)


I had a ball; it was such a lot of fun! So much enthusiasm, such fascinating discussion and, if I may say so myself, the food was pretty darn good too. Thanks very much  to the fabulous participants, my lovely assistant (who coped very well with a couple of unexpected developments) and to Taste Nature for being the perfect venue to host an event like this. I hope there will be many more!

IMG_9704_800 IMG_9769_800

A particular highlight for me was the moment when the chocolate mousse threatened to erupt out of the top of the vitamix blender, as I hadn’t fitted the lid correctly. Ah, great times. It reminded me of the advice my childhood piano teacher gave me, decades ago. She used to say, no matter what happens (in a performance or exam), just carry on as if that was exactly  what was meant to happen. So that’s my defence – it was all part of the show!

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