Holiday Goodies

Hello there and welcome to this cray-cray season.

I’m guessing that, like me, you feel like you have a million things to do. Some of those things will happen in the next few days, and some of them won’t.

We will no doubt be asked, many many times between now and the 25th, if we’re ready for Christmas. (If you’ve been on my mailing list for a while, you will know that I will never under any circumstances ask you this. And my answer is always the same …. I’ll be ready when it comes, and perhaps not, but it will happen anyway).

Seasonal greeting irritability aside, I know that there is so much to be grateful for at this time of year. I’m lucky to live in a country where I feel safe and I have a voice. I’m fortunate to be able to take time off. To have money to spend on giving and eating and travelling. To have wonderful family and friends to spend time and create memories with. To have sunshine and longer days (for those of us in the summer hemisphere). To have freedom.

It’s also a time to think about what we’d like the next few weeks to look like. The holiday season can be filled with what seem like obligations and commitments and being in transit and hanging out with people who we don’t usually see – and this can be wonderful, while also perhaps a little challenging at times.

So I encourage you, while you’re in the run-down to Christmas, to think about what you want MORE of over the next few weeks. Rather than focusing on the perpetual rush and pressure to consume (in many senses) and falling victim to supermarket carpark rage, let’s keep our eyes on the great opportunities that we have to do something different at this time of year.

Whether you’re taking a break or working through, what do you want most in the next few weeks? (And I’m not just talking about your Santa wishlist here.)

I’m hoping for many things. More time to read (ambitious/unrealistic holiday reading list here), more time in the sun, and outside, and in nature, and more time sitting around laughing. (And a lot more sleep – I see our prime minister is wanting the same.)

Holiday laughter inspiration

Your Great Uncle Albert may be the world’s funniest man, in which case you won’t need this list, and your pelvic floor will already be challenged. However, in case sources of belly laughs are what you need these holidays, these are some of the people I turn to:

Find that holidays make you feel lousy about parenting? Here’s Jordan to show you How to Dad your way through the Christmas shopping.

Need to remind yourself not to compare your life with celebrities? Put down the trashy mag and join Celeste Barber instead. (Her whole IG feed is genius.)

Unexpected guests who need feeding. The mayor of Schitt’s Creek and his wife show you how to cook the most unappetising festive meal ever here.

Wondering how on earth you’ll maintain your free-range organic open-minded inclusive mindful ultra-spiritual life without offending anyone over the holidays? JP Sears will help you see sense.

Not sure what to cook on Christmas day,  or how to cater for all those pesky dietary intolerances? If the Kates from The Katering Show can make it through … then so can you.

And more seriously…

This one’s in a whole different vein. Not at all funny, but if I was going to send you a Christmas present it would be this. In an ideal world I would give this book to every woman I know. It’s like a self-esteem bible and I’ve recommended it over and over again this year. Playing Big By Tara Mohr.  If you want to begin next year feeling like the world is your oyster, and you’d like strategies for managing whatever mindset speedbumps (or boulders) stop you from taking big action, please consider this recommendation your Christmas pressie from me.

(Otherwise, just look at the funny stuff. Oh and please let us know in the comments who’ll be making you laugh over the holidays!)

That’s it from me for 2017. Thanks so much for being here with me, I love you all – have a wonderful holiday and I’ll catch you in 2018!

Nicola x

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